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Chinese Name: Raoxycephalosporin Sodium for Injection

Product Specification: 0.25g


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[selling point]

1. Medical insurance is unlimited.

 2. First imitation, single target, long-term operation;

3. Oxycephalosporins are not restricted to admission.

4. Mixed nosocomial infections of moderate to severe degree are preferred, which can penetrate the blood-brain barrier.



[usage and dosage]

Intravenous drip, intravenous drip or intramuscular drip, 1-2 g a day for adults, twice. Children were given 40-80 mg/kg for 2-4 times a day, and increased to 4 g a day for adults and 150 mg/kg for children in 2-4 times for intractable or severe infections, depending on age, weight and symptoms.

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